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aedium aedium aedium

Star house, three pointed, 4 floors.
12 hallways with 18 apartments each.
Covered courtyard with bridges, staircase, elevator. Communal entrance.
Covered balconies with glass.
The courtyard is unheated, circular ventilation hole in the ceiling, 3 one-pane glass walls between buildings, stone paved courtyard with smaller trees.
The courtyard is a gathering point, a place for socializing, events and meetings.

The courtyard takes the mind to the conservatory, the covered courtyards of the city, atrium.
From the courtyard the bottom floors are reached by elevator and staircase up to the mezzanine.
The mezzanines are provided with a storage closet for the individual apartments.
Hallway with fire door at each end and an external evacuation staircase.
The hallways are semi-heated.
Apartments, 22 sq.m. equipped with bathroom, mini kitchen, hallway.