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Lapland Cone

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To sleep in a Lapland Cone should feel like sleeping under the open sky.
Experience the heavenly Nordic northern lights to the sound of a burning fire, surrounded by your loved ones.
Far from electricity and Wi-Fi connections, the soul will find peace together with nature at your doorstep and the sky that reaches for miles as far as the eye can see.
With materials like untreated fir, the smell of firewood and the feeling of warmth, makes the experience genuine and real.
With inspiration from the homes built in the Cap of the North, the Lapland Cone focuses on the grand experiences which the northern lights provide, by having a roof made of glass.
Let the wind howl and the winter rage and cozy up with winter furs, and enjoy the wilderness life in the Lapland Cone.
Lapland Cone is also available as a sauna/spa cottage, family size or couples cottage.